Social Impact Award 2022

Since 2009, the Social Impact Award program has been promoting the knowledge and practice of social entrepreneurship among students in Europe and beyond. This is being achieved by raising awareness for social entrepreneurship, offering an educational program guiding from vague intentions to a social venture, giving access to networks of peers & professionals and directly supporting the most promising ventures.

Izmirlian Tourism Fellowship Program (ITFP)

The Izmirlian Tourism Fellowship Program (ITFP) aims to support entrepreneurs, who are tackling tourism issues in Armenia with their innovative approaches, through its specially targeted entrepreneurial incubation curriculum.


The Stronger Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Syunik - Supporting vulnerable and displaced people Project is a 12-month project by Impact Hub Yerevan funded through the Rapid response mechanism of the EaP Civil society Facility that supports entrepreneurs who are trying to make Syunik a better place for post-war vulnerable and displaced people through their entrepreneurial solutions.

Zartir Fellowship 2022

The Zartir Fellowship is a year-long program at Impact Hub Yerevan that will support social and innovative ideas to create impact.

Vahé & Lucie Foundation Fellowship

The Vahé & Lucie Foundation Fellowship in Creative Industries is a 1-year program by Impact Hub Yerevan & the Vahé & Lucie Foundation to empower individuals who are undertaking art & culture related projects including research and/or the creation of new organizations or start-ups in Armenia. 


The ACBA Federation / Impact Hub Yerevan Fellowship program is a year-long entrepreneurial incubation program at Impact Hub Yerevan that supports entrepreneurs who are aiming to tackle agricultural issues in Armenia through innovative approaches.

Nagorno Karabakh Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

The Nagorno-Karabakh Entrepreneurship Incubation Program is an 8-month program by Hub Artsakh and Impact Hub Yerevan that supports young changemakers from Nagorny Karabakh who want to contribute to the development of the region through their entrepreneurial solutions.

Prague Civil Society Centre / Impact Hub Yerevan / Sustainability Through Social Entrepreneurship

Are you a member of a non-profit, civil society organization or independent media outlet in Armenia with an idea for a social business that can boost your sustainability? The Prague Civil Society Centre and Impact Hub Yerevan invite you to submit your idea and apply for a series of workshops on social entrepreneurship followed by a funding competition.