Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Program

We are proud to introduce the Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion Program, an initiative focused on providing support and opportunities for forcibly displaced women and youth from Artsakh. Through a comprehensive approach including socio-psychological assistance, skills development, and access to the labor market, the program aims to empower participants and facilitate their integration into the local economy.

Vahé & Lucie Foundation Fellowship 2024

The Vahé & Lucie Foundation Fellowship in Creative Industries is a 1-year program by Impact Hub Yerevan & the Vahé & Lucie Foundation to empower individuals who are undertaking art & culture related projects including research and/or the creation of new organizations or start-ups in Armenia. 

AXEL’24 Acceleration Program

AXEL’24 will help validated and market-proven social enterprises to accelerate their growth. The acceleration program will support social enterprises with high growth potential in developing their ventures and products towards marketability, making them investment-ready by providing access to professional networks, expert consultancy, entrepreneurship knowledge, and mentorship.

Zartir Fellowship Program 2024

The Zartir Fellowship is a year-long program at Impact Hub Yerevan that will support social and innovative ideas to create impact.

Vahé and Lucie Foundation Program For Forcibly Displaced Young People From Artsakh in Creative Industries

The Vahé & Lucie Foundation is launching a comprehensive capacity development program in creative industries, specifically designed for forcibly displaced young people from Artsakh. This transformative initiative is set to commence in February and spans 16 months.

Impact Abroad: Supporting Russian impact entrepreneurs in launching their business projects abroad

The "Impact Abroad: Support for Russian Entrepreneurs in Launching Business Abroad" five-month program is created to assist Russian entrepreneurs aiming to transfer or start their entrepreneurial activities in a new country of residence.

Women Empowerment For Sustainable Livelihoods Program

Our vision is to empower women from Artsakh on their path toward resilience and self-sufficiency after being forcefully displaced to Armenia. 


The joint Fellowship of ACBA Federation and Impact Hub Yerevan is a one-year entrepreneurial incubation program that supports budding entrepreneurs who are aiming to tackle issues in the agricultural sector in Armenia through innovative approaches.