Impact Abroad: Supporting Russian impact entrepreneurs in launching their business projects abroad
5 February 2024 - yerevan

…Applications to this program have closed…


The “Impact Abroad: Support for Russian Entrepreneurs in Launching Business Abroad” five-month program is created to assist Russian entrepreneurs aiming to transfer or start their entrepreneurial activities in a new country of residence.

Goal & Benefits

The program aims to create favorable conditions for entrepreneurs to offer quality goods and services, generating employment for the local population and contributing to the economic development of the host country. 


It will act to boost Russian impact entrepreneurs to kickstart businesses abroad. The program entails training in local laws, regulations and business practices, immersed in cultural contexts with a heavy emphasis on building necessary networks both locally and internationally. 


All participants of the program will reap the benefits of Impact Hub Yerevan’s unique ecosystem throughout the year.


Other benefits of the program include:


  • Hands-on tailor-made support independently in each selected location 
  • Tailored workshops and learning sessions
  • Individual Mentorship
  • Networking (facilitated by events) 
  • One-on-one support in networking
  • Opportunity to work from our inspiring space
  • Membership at Impact Hub Yerevan
  • Professional networking with over 350 creative innovators
  • Online access to professionals from 110+ Impact Hubs globally


  • The length of the program is five months
  • Application deadline: February 25, 2024, 11:59 PM (Moscow time)


We’re looking for accomplished Russian impact entrepreneurs with businesses that are either operating or are in the scaling stage. This includes those who are planning to start or expand a business in a new country where they’ve immigrated or will soon. If you are ready to bring your product to market, register an entity, and run operations in Armenia, this program is for you! The criteria are as follows:


  • Successful entrepreneurial experience in Russia
  • The applicant (or their representatives) must be outside of Russia at the start of the program.
  • Anti-war values and strong personal purpose 
  • A concept for the business in a new location (either new or scale-up of the existing venture) 
  • Strong motivation to create ties to and positively contribute to Armenia
  • Ready to participate in the program in English.


Participants included in the program must commit to demonstrating proper participation, which implies high performance, conscientious presence, and active participation in all possible events and courses.

Brought to you by Impact Hub Yerevan and Impact Hub Moscow.

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