Vahé and Lucie Foundation Program For Forcibly Displaced Young People From Artsakh in Creative Industries
6 February 2024 - yerevan

…This program is currently in progress…


The Vahé & Lucie Foundation is launching a comprehensive capacity development program in creative industries, specifically designed for forcibly displaced young people from Artsakh. This transformative initiative is set to commence in February and spans 16 months.


In a strategic progression, following the initial months, the participants will seamlessly transition into the Vahé & Lucie Foundation Incubation Program in April. This collaborative phase will involve their integration with 15 other participants, further expanding their network and opportunities for collaborative learning. 


The Vahé & Lucie Foundation Incubation Program will serve as a continuation of their capacity-building journey, offering additional training sessions, workshops, and resources to augment their skills and knowledge.

Goal and Benefits

The Special Edition of this program is tailored to offer a unique and personalized experience for

the participants. The primary objective is to guide and assist five individuals or teams throughout the program in the development, validation, and implementation of their creative entrepreneurial ideas.


The overarching goal is for these participants to graduate with enhanced skills, knowledge, and networks, thereby making significant contributions to the growth and fortification of the creativity and creative industries sector in Armenia. 


Each individual or team enrolled in the program will benefit from:


  • Professional individual support
  • Workshops on idea validation, business modeling, marketing, fundraising, financial management, pitching, etc.
  • Mentorship/Coaching
  • Membership at Impact Hub Yerevan
  • Opportunity to work from an inspiring space
  • Peer-to-peer learning and various networking events
  • Professional networking with over 350 creative innovators
  • Access to 110+ Impact Hubs globally
  • A financial award of $1,500


This monetary support is intended to be utilized for acquiring tools, equipment, software, or any other necessities crucial to the development and success of their creative projects. The allocation of these funds will be based on the specific needs identified during the program, ensuring that each participant receives tailored support to maximize the impact of their entrepreneurial endeavors.


Those who complete the program will also have the opportunity to sign up for a special Alumni Membership at Impact Hub Yerevan, giving them the ability to maintain long-term relationships and enjoy the benefits that Impact Hub Yerevan has to offer beyond the scope of its programs.


  • The length of the program is one and a half years
  • Application deadline: Feb 18, 2024, 11:59 PM (Yerevan time)


The target group of this program is individuals, researchers, NGOs, businesses, social

entrepreneurs, or projects that have progressed beyond the ideation phase and are focused on

the creative industries in Armenia, including, but not limited to։


  • Music, performing arts, visual arts
  • Crafts (such as weaving, furniture-design and jewelry-design)
  • Film, TV, animation, visual effects, video, radio and photography
  • Video games, virtual reality and extended reality
  • Museums, galleries and cultural heritage related undertakings
  • Writing, publishing and libraries
  • Design, including product design, graphic design and fashion
  • Architecture and urban design
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Culinary arts


Participants included in the program must commit to demonstrating proper participation, which implies high performance, conscientious presence, and active participation in all possible events and courses.

Brought to you by Impact Hub Yerevan and  Vahe & Lucie Foundation.