Vahé & Lucie Foundation Fellowship 2024
11 March 2024 - yerevan

…This program is currently in progress…

Description and Goal

The Vahé & Lucie Foundation Fellowship in Creative Industries is a 1-year program by Impact Hub Yerevan and the Vahé & Lucie Foundation to empower individuals who are undertaking art and culture-related projects including research and/or the creation of new organizations or start-ups in Armenia. 

The fellowship aims to inspire, connect and enable creative entrepreneurs, researchers, or organizations to do their best work in a supportive, inspiring environment that includes over 340 of Armenia’s best and brightest changemakers with over 110 organizations, enterprises and initiatives represented.

This fellowship program offers workshops, one-on-one mentoring, membership to Impact Hub Yerevan, and the chance for the best participants to receive a cash prize at the end of the fellowship.


The fellowship provides access to Impact Hub’s unique ecosystem free of charge and includes:

  • Workshops developing entrepreneurial knowledge
  • Mentorship by entrepreneurs/professionals in their area of practice 
  • Membership at Impact Hub Yerevan
  • The opportunity to work from an inspiring space
  • Facilitated professional networking and peer learning with 340+ innovative members at Impact Hub Yerevan
  • Access to a global network from 100+ Impact Hubs around the world
  • Visibility on all of Impact Hub Yerevan’s major platforms
  • The best 5 ideas will receive a financial award of $3,000 at the end of the project


The length of the fellowship is one year.

Application deadline: April 7, 2024

Start date: April 2024

Target Group

The target group of this program includes individuals, researchers, NGOs, businesses, social entrepreneurs, or projects with an idea that is focused on the creative industries in Armenia, including, but not limited to: 

  • Visual arts 
  • Crafts (such as weaving, furniture design and jewelry design)
  • Film, TV, animation, visual effects, video, radio and photography
  • Video games, virtual reality and extended reality (VR and XR)
  • Museums, galleries and cultural heritage-related undertakings
  • Writing, publishing and libraries
  • Design, including product design, graphic design and fashion
  • Architecture and urban design
  • Culinary arts


Bold and daring individuals/teams implementing ideas in the creative industries are eligible to apply.

Those selected for the Fellowship program must commit to pursuing their initiative as a top priority (i.e. with at least 70% of their time) and promise to participate in at least 70% of programs, events and community activities at Impact Hub Yerevan.

About Vahe & Lucie

Vahé Fattal studied painting at the National School of Fine arts in Paris. He was a painter and a graphic designer who founded his own full-service design and advertising agency that serviced entertainment and corporate accounts such as ABC Television, the “big 5” Hollywood movie studios, National Geographic, Nissan, UCLA Extension, First Interstate Bank, etc. Creative services included all aspects of corporate identity and communications, advertising and marketing campaigns, motion picture and television campaigns, and motion graphics and branding. 

Vahé was also the designer of the raised-first Karabakh symbol and posters (1988), the designer of the flag of Karabakh (1998), one of the original founders of the Golden Apricot International Film Festival (2004) and the designer of its visual identity, the designer of Armenia Fund’s Telethon “Make it Happen” advertising campaign (2004), the art director of AIM/Armenian International Magazine (1990-1992), etc. 

Lucie Fattal was a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) graduate with a Master’s degree in philosophy and French literature. She then attended the intensive French Language and Civilization courses (CCFS) at Sorbonne University in Paris before meeting and marrying Vahé. Together they shared a commitment to and a passion for all things Armenian, higher education, the arts and exploring the world.

Brought to you by Impact Hub Yerevan and  Vahe & Lucie Foundation.