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Supporting vulnerable and displaced people

…This program is currently in progress…

What Is It About


The Stronger Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Syunik – Supporting vulnerable and displaced people Project is a 12-month project by Impact Hub Yerevan funded through the Rapid response mechanism of the EaP Civil society Facility that supports entrepreneurs who are trying to make Syunik a better place for post-war vulnerable and displaced people through their entrepreneurial solutions.

Goals and Directions

The overall objective of the project is to provide support and strengthen entrepreneurial opportunities in Syunik, by re-skilling post-war vulnerable and displaced people and by addressing their needs, as well as by engaging organizations working with them.

The specific objectives of the Project are to:

  • assist teams directly involving or supporting post-war vulnerable/displaced groups in Syunik to develop, validate, and implement their entrepreneurial ideas
  • create a physical location in Goris as Impact Hub Candidate Syunik 
  • connect entrepreneurs to a national and international community of entrepreneurs and mentors 
  • raise awareness about entrepreneurial role models in Syunik 
  • Address policy issues to improve the economic environment in the region


The incubation phase of the program offers Impact Hub’s unique ecosystem, including:

  • professional individual coaching by the Incubation Manager
  • mentorship by entrepreneurs/professionals in their area of practice (each project will be matched with a mentor)
  • membership at Impact Hub Candidate Syunik with access to an inspiring space & infrastructure
  • peer-to-peer learning component and professional networking through facilitated events
  • access to 100+ Impact Hubs with 24000+ professionals all over the world
  • learning curriculum designed for social impact startups, including training and workshops on financial management, legal management, team management, social entrepreneurship, idea validation, business modeling, fundraising, pitching, public speaking, etc.

* Please note: this incubation program does not include financial assistance


  • The length of the incubation phase of the program is 6 months
  • Application deadline: May 29th, 2022, 23:59 (Yerevan local time)
  • Starting time: June 2022


Bold and daring teams (projects and start-ups) in Syunik that address post-war problems faced by post-war vulnerable groups, namely displaced individuals from NK, people with disabilities, women, veterans, orphans, etc. Particular attention on projects that support the rural regions of Syunik affected by the conflict.

Target groups:

  • post-war vulnerable/displaced groups and individuals, 
  • organizations supporting those groups.

Teams selected for the incubation must commit to pursuing their initiative as a top priority (i.e. with at least 50% of their time) and promise to participate in at least 50% of programs, events, and community activities at Impact Hub Candidate Syunik.

The Stronger Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Syunik – Supporting vulnerable and displaced people Project is financed by the European Union Eastern Partnership Facility and implemented by Impact Hub Yerevan.

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