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Impact Hub Yerevan Programs

Through our programs we take impactful initiatives from idea stage all the way to implementation.

The Zartir fellowship is a year-long program at Impact Hub Yerevan that will support social entrepreneurs, individuals, researchers, businesses, or projects engaged in, or interested in, implementing approaches that are focused on domestic violence, animal rights, as well as welfare of veterans, children, mothers and people with disabilities.
07 February 2019 | yerevan
The Izmirlian Foundation / Impact Hub Yerevan fellowship program supports social entrepreneurs who are interested in developing a project or enterprise which aims to tackle a social problem.
25 August 2018 | yerevan
The ACBA Federation / Impact Hub Yerevan fellowship program is created to support start ups, social enterprises, and individuals aiming to solve problems related to the agricultural industry in Armenia.
22 August 2018 | yerevan
The Fellowship for Transformative Ideas is a year-long entrepreneurial incubation program at Impact Hub Yerevan that will support impact entrepreneurs and help them implement their transformative approaches for a more sustainable world.
16 July 2018 | yerevan
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Impact Hub Armenia Social Innovation Development Foundation (also known as Impact Hub Yerevan) is a social innovation incubator, community, and space with a mission to support social impact projects and enterprises which implement positive social change in Armenia and beyond. We house a community of change makers and innovators, and provide them with education, mentoring, networking opportunities, resources, and programs & events to push their projects from idea to implementation to impact.

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