16 July 2018 - yerevan


UNDP and Impact Hub are joining forces again to launch the 2017 edition of the #Accelerate2030 platform, aimed at supporting and promoting the most promising impact-driven ventures across the globe who focus on tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Five entrepreneurs, selected with the support of the global Impact Hub network, will have the opportunity to participate in the Social Good Summit Geneva, Switzerland in October 2017.


This year #Accelerate2030, an international cross-border scaling program for impact-driven ventures, encourages ventures from 17 developing and transitioning countries across 4 continents to apply to this unique acceleration program: Armenia, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Ghana, Mali, Rwanda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Turkey, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Mexico and Malaysia.


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS for the 2017 Edition of the program

  • Clear problem definition and Impact Linked to SDGs
    • The venture’s solution is addressing a clearly defined problem linked to one or more of the SDGs;
    • The venture has already started making measurable impact on one or more indicators of the SDG Targets;
    • The venture has the potential to make considerable further impact on one or more of the SDG targets.
  • Innovative approach and collaborations
    • Demonstrates an innovative approach in addressing the need. The innovative approach could include either an innovative solution and/or an innovative business model;
    • Demonstrates collaborative approach to solve the problems. Collaborations with government, private sector, academia, NGOs, and civil society are in place.
  • Market scalability
    • There is clear evidence of market demand for the product or service demonstrated by sales and market share for the last few years in the country of operation;
    • The solution and/or the business model can be replicated and scaled to other countries;
    • The venture has an international growth plan and strategy for 2017-2019;
    • There is clear evidence of market demand for the product or service demonstrated by interest from partners or customers in other countries.
  • Social Dimension
    • There is a clear focus to integrate underserved populations into supply chains, and/or as employees, and/or as customers;
    • There is demonstrated attempt to strive for equal opportunities (gender, race, religion, etc.) in the team, and other activities of the venture (supply chains, employees, customers;
    • The venture distributes, or plans to distribute part of its profits for employees, and/or other social purposes.
  • Team
    • The team demonstrates appropriate skills, languages, motivation, commitment and ambition to grow the venture and to scale their solution to other countries;
    • The team has enough absorption capacity to be able to benefit from the cross-border scaling support.
  • Finance
    • The venture has a successful track record in financing its operations and growth;
    • The venture has a clear financing strategy for the next 2 or 3 years;
    • The venture is likely to become cash flow positive from operations in the coming 1-2 years.


National pre-selection

Each participating local Impact Hub will review all received entries and assess the projects based on a set of criteria focusing on innovation, sustainability, team, potential for scaling, as well as the socio-economic and environmental impact and replicability in other contexts. Each local Impact Hub will nominate the best three ventures at the national level by June 23.

International final selection

Among the 51 pre-selected ventures the international jury in Geneva will select the 10 most promising projects by July 10These 10 ventures will be invited to take part in the Social Good Summit in Geneva in October.


Ventures participating in Accelerate2030 will receive customised scaling support based in their needs including:

  1. Access to new markets
  2. Access to unique Geneva ecosystem specialised in globalisation
  3. Tailored support from top experts
  4. Access to investors and financial institutions
  5. Customised assessment of impact measurement systems
  6. Opportunity to become a certified B-corp


  • 3rd May – Applications for ventures open
  • 2nd June – Deadline for receiving applications
  • 14th June – National pre-selection and Pitching Event
  • 23rd June – Submission of top 3 national nominations by each Impact Hub
  • 26th June – 7th July – International final selection
  • 10th July – Announcement of the international finalists
  • October (dates TBC) – International finalists take part in the Geneva Scaling Week and the Social Good Summit, Geneva
  • October 2017 – June 2018 – Tailored scaling support for international finalists

Brought to you by Impact Hub Geneva and the UNDP.