Izmirlian Foundation / Impact Hub Yerevan / Fellowship Program


The Izmirlian Foundation / Impact Hub Yerevan fellowship program supports social entrepreneurs who are interested in developing a project or enterprise which aims to tackle a social problem.

Goal & Benefits

The goal of the fellowship is to support entrepreneurs by offering Impact Hub’s unique ecosystem, which includes:

  • professional individual coaching by Fellowships Manager
  • mentorship by entrepreneurs/professionals in their area of practice
  • membership at Impact Hub Yerevan with access to an inspiring space & infrastructure
  • peer-to-peer learning component and professional networking through facilitated events with a community of 250+ creative innovators
  • access to 100+ impact hubs around the world

* Please note: this fellowship program does not include financial assistance.


  • The length of the fellowship is 6 months, and it is offered twice a year.
  • Application deadline: September 9, 2018, 23:59.
  • Start date: September 15, 2018.


Bold and daring teams implementing ideas for the common good are eligible to apply.

In case of receiving the Fellowship, the teams must commit to pursue their initiative as a top priority (i.e. with at least 50% of their time) and promise to participate in at least 50% of programs, events and community activities at Impact Hub Yerevan.

Izmirlian Foundation and Impact Hub Yerevan

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