Description & Goal

The Zartir fellowship is a year-long program at Impact Hub Yerevan that will support social entrepreneursindividualsresearchersbusinesses, or projects engaged in, or interested in, implementing approaches that are focused on one of the topics listed below.

The goal of the fellowship is to support the work of social innovators in Armenia by offering Impact Hub’s unique ecosystem, which includes workspace infrastructure, entrepreneurial support, a collaborative community and global network, and educational programs & events.

The fellowship aims to inspireconnect, and enable social entrepreneurs to address social issues and to do their best work in a supportive, inspiring environment which includes over 200 of Armenia’s best and brightest changemakers with over 50 organizations, enterprises, and initiatives represented.



  • The length of the fellowship is one year.
  • Application deadline: February 28
  • Start date: March 2019


Individuals, teams, or organizations interested in developing, or currently implementing, projects or research concerning the following topics are eligible to apply:

  • Welfare of veterans
  • Maternal well-being
  • Child welfare (in particular concerning malnutrition and nutrition education)
  • Domestic violence
  • Animal rights and welfare (including managing street dogs/cats)
  • Welfare of people with disabilities

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