Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

Vahe Keushguerian is the founder of Semina Consulting, a winery consulting company in Yerevan. He is also Project Manager at Armavir Vineyards where he oversees the marketing, distribution and production of what has become one of the best bottles of wine in Armenia. In collaboration with Argentinian-Armenian businessman Eduardo Eurnekian, who has invested close to 120 million dollars in Armenia, Vahe has revolutionized the wine industry within the country in both quality and culture.

Born in Hommes, Syria in the late 50’s, Vahe grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and speaks 6 languages. After receiving a degree in computer science at the University of Laverne in Los Angeles, he moved to San Francisco, met his wife Andrea and in 1985 started a restaurant in Berkeley, where he further developed his interest in wine and food. After living in the Bay area for 10 years, he moved to Tuscany with his wife and their two children – one-year-old twins Luca and Aimee. While living in Italy, he established wineries in both Tuscany and Puglia, crafting wine that received high points from Parker. In 2006, the family moved from Italy to Maine so that the children would solidify their English and attend high school in the US. In 2009 the family decided it was time to explore their other roots, so they took a gap year and moved to Armenia. Vahe and his family lived in the capital Yerevan for a year during which time they explored the Armenian language and culture. That year the family fell in love with Armenia. Though the twins returned to the US to continue their education, Vahe remained in Yerevan, recognizing the opportunity for growth in the wine industry.

Karas wine, from Armavir Vineyards, has been a huge success. Having been locally produced and harvested since 2010, the wine is now exported to countries in Europe and North America. Vahe currently resides in Yerevan, making frequent trips to the US.