Audrey Selian
Co-Founder & Board Member

Audrey Selian serves as Director of the Artha Initiative associated with Rianta Capital Zurich, a philanthropic program tied to an investment advisory to a single family office and has been active in the impact investing sector since 2006. She is also an advisor to Halloran Philanthropies, and sits on the advisory committees of the Global Impact Hub, as well as on the investment committee and boards of several impact funds and non-profit organizations.

Artha is focused on social investment in rural enterprise in India, with a concentration on the agriculture, livelihoods and small-scale renewable energy sectors. Audrey founded the Artha Platform, an online impact investment community designed to tackle the economics of due diligence around high impact, small scale SME opportunities in India. This platform has recently been spun into a separate entity called Artha Networks Inc (ANI), designed to license the core technology to support similar networks beyond India. She has a particular interest in small sustainable businesses in emerging markets, and has focused on building a portfolio and helping find ways to galvanize like-minded ‘impact’ investors working in “BoP” markets.

Audrey has work experience with the ITU at the United Nations, sub-contracting to USAID, and prior to that in management consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers; her entrepreneurial experience includes several years spent in business development, marketing and sales at an NSF-funded software technology start-up. She holds a PhD in Technology Policy & Development Studies from The Fletcher School, as well as degrees and fellowships from The London School of Economics, Wellesley College, and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.