Report Analysis of Social Enterprises
13 July 2018 - yerevan

Description & Goal

For most of 2016, the Impact Hub Yerevan team has been studying the social enterprise ecosystem of Armenia.

The objective of this research is to support the work of the European Union (EU) Delegation in Armenia by providing a situational analysis of the current social enterprise (SE) ecosystem, and by mapping the various stakeholders within the social entrepreneurship space in Armenia.

This study seeks to outline the SE landscape in Armenia, however it is not an exhaustive or comprehensive review of all SEs and their support organizations in the contry. The specific focus of this analysis is:

  • to identify, review and record the existing enabling environment for SEs;
  • to document the scope of capacity-building activities supporting SEs;
  • to understand the profiles of those organisations that are considered as representatives of SEs;
  • to map the SE sector and identify gaps.

Moreover, special attention is given to legislation, policy & regulations, social investment structures and other available support schemes in order to identify further potential that would contribute to SE development and lay the foundation for future strategic partnerships.


Methods utilized for this study included desk-based literature review of existing information and studies on this topic, field visits and interviews with regional SE initiatives, stakeholder interviews and focus groups. An online survey was also launched in mid-September 2016 with the aim of mapping those initiatives/organizations that are self-identifying as SEs.

Our recommendations to the EU

Based on our in-depth research, we are sharing concrete recommendations with our EU partners in Armenia, as well as with stakeholders across the social entrepreneurship space, to further boost this growing sector. Click here to read the report and learn more about our recommendations.


Brought to you by Impact Hub Yerevan and the European Union in Armenia.