The Many Ways of Reusing Plastic Waste – SELLA webinar #5

It’s almost time for another SELLA webinar! Our last webinar was with the very enthusiastic and motivational CEO of Diseclar, Juan Nicolás Suárez. This innovative company in Colombia manufactures outdoor furniture, including benches, tables, chairs, as well as materials for building decks and patios, using recycled plastic and coffee waste. This awesome alternative to wood is a great way to battle waste while helping to protect the environment. The discussions were particularly fruitful with local entrepreneurs in the recycling field, as Juan was graciously open and informative and willing to answer all of our burning questions.

This program is funded by British Embassy Yerevan, and it is being implemented by Impact Hub Yerevan in collaboration with Nazareth Seferian, a Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship educator, trainer, and consultant.

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