QuickTalks 5.0
13 December 2019 - yerevan

We had another successful Quick Talks event! We got acquainted to the projects and organizations of seven Hub Members through five-minute long presentations. Acting Director Ani Baboomian also gave a quick overview of Impact Hub Yerevan, its operations and goals. Special thanks to our presenters Sona Bulgadaryan (PRIME Casual Wear), Vahe Martirosyan (My Forest Armenia), Tatevik Stepanyan (Step Forward Social NGO ), Sevana Tchakerian (Tsap-Tsapik Music Education + Gyumri World Music Festival), Kyle Khandikian (ONEArmenia), Mané Mehrabyan (StoryAtelier) and Armen Sargsyan (SKY CLUB – Paragliding in Armenia)!

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