Media Literacy Seminar
15 June 2022 - yerevan
At Impact Hub Yerevan, we understand that the ability to analyze and evaluate media in its various forms is an important skill to have. In fact, it is one of the top ten 21st-century skills. That is why we were happy to invite media literacy specialist, Lusine Grigoryan for an introductory workshop on the subject!
During the workshop, Lusine spoke about the various ways that media tries to influence consumers, whether it’s to buy a certain product or to cause panic among the population. She encouraged us to think about the following questions when we are consuming media:
  •  Who created the messages that we are consuming?
  •  What techniques are being used to attract our attention?
  •  What kind of information is being omitted from the messaging?
  •  Why is the message being sent?
Special thanks to Media Initiatives Center for conducting the workshop!

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