Look Who’s in Town: Stephan Reckie
18 July 2018 - yerevan

What do investors hear when an entrepreneur speaks? Our latest #LookWhosInTown featured Stephan Reckie, who discussed his work as an angel investor and delved into insights to answer our entrepreneurs’ burning questions.

“When making a decision, investors look for passion for the product, proof that the product will succeed, and how well the management team can execute,” Stephan explained.

Mr. Reckie also shared how a lack of leadership, a dysfunctional team, no customer traction or stickiness, insurmountable competition, improper approach to investors and lack of domain expertise are “investor turnoffs.”

Stephan is the Co-founder and CEO of Angelus Funding, a trust-based global network of angel investors, who actively evaluate a wide range of innovative and impactful investment opportunities. Stephan serves on the board of directors of several companies and has personally made over 37 investments since 2012.

Stephan is also the Co-Founder of Edge of Space, a company focused on exciting space based projects including developing space STEM based educational kits for students around the world.

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