Launch of New Social Enterprise, Linaster!
20 April 2021 - yerevan
Hub Members and Women’s Entrepreneurship Incubation Program participants Lilit Khachikyan and Arpine Grigoryan recently launched their social enterprise, Linaster, a platform where clients can get connected to virtual assistants! Driven by a mission to empower women and give them the opportunity to work, they also sought to make their platform a valuable product for their clients. Thus, Linaster is a win-win solution, saving clients time and resources, while employing qualified women who are ready to work remotely! The co-founders of Linaster held their launching event at Impact Hub Yerevan, introducing their platform, the concept behind the company and inviting women to apply to positions as virtual assistants. It has been an amazing journey watching their growth as participants of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Incubation Program, starting out with a concept and ending as graduates with a fully launched product.

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