Embrace a GLOBAL Mindset – talk by Karén Gyulbudaghyan
19 February 2019 - yerevan

Why is a Global Mindset essential for any startup? What is the process of developing a value proposition? How does one frame challenges for the most impact and results? What are various approaches when dealing with hardships? These, and other relevant questions that come up during the entrepreneurial journey, were among the topics discussed at the “Embrace a Global Mindset” meet-up, led by Karén Gyulbudaghyan — an angel investor, strategic advisor and ambassador for early-stage companies. Karen is also the founding partner of a San Francisco based specialty advisory firm, Strategic Value Ventures. During the 25+ years of his career, Karen has worked as an advisor at YAHOO! and SkyDeck (the global premier startup accelerator based out of The University of California, Berkeley).

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