Becoming an Election Observer-How and Why
18 July 2018 - yerevan

Have you registered to become an observer in the parliamentary elections yet? #CitizenObserver

In collaboration with Repat Armenia, Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center, and the Europe In Law Association, we hosted an informational talk during which a panel of experts shared everything you need to know about being an election observer.

Panelists included:
Irina Ghaplanyan – Previous Citizen Observer & Political Scientist
Arsinée Khanjian – Actress/Producer & Justice Within Armenia Initiative
Vartan Marashlyan – Repat Armenia
Sona Ayvazyan – Թրանսփարենսի Ինթերնեշնլ Հայաստան – Transparency  International Anti-Corruption Center,
Tigran Yegoryan – Attorney, «Իրավունքի Եվրոպա միավորում» ԻՀԿ/”Europe in Law Association

The discussion was moderated by Raffi Kassarjian – Cofounder of Repat Armenia and Impact Hub Yerevan.

If you missed the YouTube live stream of “Becoming an election observer – How & Why” via @Civilnet.AM, you can still watch it here!

Register to become an election observer:

Here are some quotes from our panelists to give you a flavor of the event:

“We may have wasted the past 25 years by not participating in the elections, but I think what is really important at this stage is to acknowledge that we have the responsibility to make that change.”–Arsinee Khanjian

“Your biggest weapon even in terms of security is knowing the electoral code. As soon as you say “You are on camera; You are in violation; You will be criminally prosecuted—it does work.” –Irina Ghaplanyan

“Be informed. Self-educate. Whatever intimidations you receive, you should vote with your conscience. Votes are confidential.”–Sona Ayvazyan

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