Art of (anti) Corruption Ideathon with EU Armenia
18 July 2018 - yerevan

After months of preparation, we kicked off the “Art of (anti) Corruption” Ideathon on January 27, the first in a series of year-long events sponsored by the EU Delegation to Armenia and proudly implemented by us! #ArtofCorruption Through artistic and cultural interpretations of corruption in Armenia, the Art of (anti) Corruption campaign seeks to raise awareness, educate and shine a creative light on the complicated effects of corruption on Armenian society and beyond. We hosted over 50 creative minds at the Hub who worked together for hours to artfully brainstorm appropriate messages and “branding” for this program which will be most suitable and effective for the general public in Armenia. Intense discussions transpired and innovative ideas were presented. We are excited to be working with #EUArmenia and look forward to the year-long series of events.

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