19 January 2021 - yerevan

…This program is currently in progress…


The ACBA Federation / Impact Hub Yerevan Fellowship program is a year-long entrepreneurial incubation program at Impact Hub Yerevan that supports entrepreneurs who are aiming to tackle agricultural issues in Armenia through innovative approaches.

Goal & Benefits

The fellowship aims to inspire, connect, and enable entrepreneurs to develop and realize new ideas that have a positive impact and to do their best work in a supportive environment which includes over 250 of Armenia’s best and brightest entrepreneurs, mentors and individuals with over 110 organizations/enterprises/initiatives represented.

The goal of the fellowship is to support entrepreneurs by offering Impact Hub’s unique ecosystem, which includes:

  • professional individual coaching by Fellowships Manager
  • mentorship by entrepreneurs/professionals in their area of practice
  • membership at Impact Hub Yerevan with access to an inspiring space & infrastructure
  • peer-to-peer learning component and professional networking through facilitated events with a community of 250+ creative innovators
  • access to 100+ impact hubs around the world
  • Access to ACBA Federation’s wide network in the agriculture industry

* Please note: this fellowship program does not include financial assistance


  • The length of the fellowship is one year
  • Application deadline: March 1, 2021, 23:59 (Yerevan local time)


The projects we will select for the fellowship should belong to one of the following areas:

  • Agriculture (i.e. harvesting solutions, crop preservation & transportation, technological solutions, rural community development etc.)
  • Rural development (i.e. field protection, water and/or waste management, minimizing disaster risks, eco-friendly/green projects, plastic recycling etc.)
  • Agro-tourism (i.e. family farming, farm stores, farm-tourism, local winemaking, mini cheese factories, mini cattle farm etc. )

In case of receiving the Fellowship, the teams must commit to pursue their initiative as a top priority (i.e. with at least 50% of their time) and promise to participate in at least 50% of programs, events and community activities at Impact Hub Yerevan.

The selected projects are expected to produce a minimum viable product (MVP) by the end of their fellowship

ACBA Federation Fellowship

Brought to you by Impact Hub Yerevan and ACBA Federation.