GabrielAlejandro Atjian

Gabriel Alejandro Atjian was born and raised in the city of Tucson, Arizona, USA. He has a creative background in photography and videography, having worked on various photo campaigns. With an interest in science and design, Gabriel turned his attention to sustainable design practices, studying foundations in product & transportation design.

Prior to his design studies, he interned at The Walt Disney Company in Florida, where he learned fundamentals in operations management processes at their educational institution, “Disney University,” along with storytelling techniques that translate into social/emotional impact and revenue.

Currently at the hub, Gabriel assists with media development, and the creation of The Hub’s incubation program for future start-ups.

Outside of work, Gabriel sometimes engages in playing music, having been involved with mariachi music since the age of 5 -- playing both the guitar and vihuela. He also has a passion for sports, continually advocating for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, mainly playing football, basketball, and volleyball.