Description & Goal

"The Art of (anti) Corruption" is a year-long series of events implemented by Impact Hub Yerevan in partnership with the European Union in Armenia.

Through artistic and cultural interpretations of corruption in Armenia, the Art of (anti) Corruption campaign seeks to raise awareness, educate and shine a creative light on the complicated effects of corruption on Armenian society and beyond.
As part of this campaign, Impact Hub Yerevan is initiating an anti-corruption poster competition & exhibition, in collaboration with curator/artist Samvel Saghatelian.

Through this competition & exhibition, art becomes a form of defiance and resistance against corruption in Armenia. A poster art approach, combined with a simple, sharp message and visual information, can be extremely effective in raising awareness and impacting public opinion.

Among the various art forms, the influence of poster art on societies across the globe has been significant - through brilliant examples of provocative posters during the Soviet period (see examples) and more modern examples from Poster4tomorrow (see examples).

The official hashtag of this project is #ArtofCorruption.

Provocative poster example from the Soviet period
Provocative poster example from poster for tomorrow

Implementation process

  • An open call will be announced;
  • 30-35 participants will be selected to finalize their poster ideas and exhibit their posters;
  • A jury will select up to 3 best posters to win a cash prize
  • 10-15 posters will be available for use by different organizations in the Republic of Armenia

Who can participate?

Any creative mind from every corner of the world, who has professional skills to create. You can also team up (e.g. team of writers and designers or politicians and artists).

Important Dates

May 15 to July 15 - Open Call - Any creative mind from every corner of the world can apply.
July 15 to July 31 - Preselection - 30 Artists will be selected to finalize their posters and exhibit.
August 1 to August 31 - Artists working to finalize their posters.
Sept. 22 to Sept. 29 - Tentative exhibition opening.

What is the prize?

The best posters selected by the jury will receive a €300 cash prize each.
Also, the 10-15 best posters will be available for use by different organizations in the Republic of Armenia.

Which messages can I use?

You can use any of the messages below, or come up with your own message, around the topics of Corruption and Love, Gender, Peace, Army and Borders, Education or Health Care.

Suggested messages:
  • Corruption is not genetic;
  • No Corruption = Happy stories by taxi drivers;
  • Corruption starts with me;
  • Be healthy, don’t “eat” bribes;
  • Keep calm and don’t give bribes;
  • Corruption kills;
  • Corrupt teachers foster a corrupt society;
  • An Armenia without corruption will be ...

How to apply?

Send your portfolio + sketch or idea of the poster (max 1 paragraph) to