What is the beyond (un)employment program about?

Robert Bosch Stiftung and Impact Hub have joined forces to explore issues of employment across Europe with a view to improving civil society across the continent.

As a starting point, 5 Impact Hubs (Birmingham, Florence, Moscow, Yerevan and Zagreb) will work on an employment-related topic highly relevant to their region and their citizens – such as Youth Unemployment, Social Inclusion for the Unemployed, and Future Forms of Working – developing a deep and system-level understanding of the issue before designing, and ultimately implementing, interventions and solutions to these issues.

What is the focus of Impact Hub Yerevan?

Impact Hub Yerevan will be focusing on mapping existing challenges in Armenia, and learning from other Impact Hubs to identify alternative models of employment as well as geography independent business opportunities.

Beyond (un)employment is Impact Hub Yerevan’s first real foray into leading collaborations with partner Impact Hubs from other countries, and we’re really keen to make sure the value and opportunities it brings are shared with our community and city, in alignment with our mission.

How will we implement it?

We believe that Armenia’s highly educated and innovative population is the country’s greatest asset, that is why we chose 20 of the most innovative individuals involved in various sectors to be our experts. They are Corporate/HR Executives, University Students, Academics, Social Entrepreneurs, Civil Society Representatives, Media Makers and many more. We will be hosting 12 expert meetings during the next nine months and will come up with tangible solution packages to tackle unemployment issues in Armenia. Three of the experts from our group will also have the chance to be ambassadors for a learning circle meeting in one of the four partner Hubs.

What is the impact?

Through beyond (un)employment we aim to achieve the following:
  • Raise awareness on the issues brought up during the expert meetings and possible solutions through social media & media
  • Overcome silos between organisations, institutions, individuals working on unemployment themes
  • Higher engagement and purpose in work, resulting in a healthier workforce
  • Contribute to social cohesion and stronger engagement of citizens around unemployment themes
  • Give citizens the possibility to actively shape and influence their environment and society as a whole, enhancing a vibrant and engaged citizenry