The Fellowship for Transformative Ideas is a year-long entrepreneurial incubation program at Impact Hub Yerevan that will support impact entrepreneurs and help them implement their transformative approaches for a more sustainable world.
The Zartir fellowship is a year-long program at Impact Hub Yerevan that will support social entrepreneursindividualsresearchersbusinesses, or projects engaged in, or interested in, implementing approaches that are focused on domestic violence, animal rights, as well as welfare of veterans, children, mothers and people with disabilities.

The Izmirlian Foundation / Impact Hub Yerevan fellowship program will support social entrepreneurs and/or social enterprises who are interested in developing a project or enterprise which aims to tackle a social problem.

ImpactAim Venture Accelerator is a UNDP program implemented by Catalyst Foundation and Impact Hub Yerevan. Through tailored mentorship, curriculum, and access to a global network of VCs and funding opportunities, the accelerator is designed to drive the scale up of local and international impact ventures.

The ACBA Federation / Impact Hub Yerevan fellowship program is created to support start ups, social enterprises, and individuals aiming to solve problems related to the agricultural industry in Armenia.

The American University of Armenia (AUA) / Impact Hub Yerevan fellowship program is the initiative of the American University of Armenia and AUA's Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) in collaboration with Impact Hub Yerevan to support AUA graduate & undergraduate students who are interested in developing a project, in any sphere or subject area, which aims to tackle a social problem.

As part of the Art of (anti) Corruption campaign, Impact Hub Yerevan has implemented an anti-corruption poster competition & exhibition, in collaboration with curator/artist Samvel Saghatelian. Through this competition & exhibition, art becomes a form of defiance and resistance against corruption in Armenia.

Through artistic and cultural interpretations of corruption in Armenia, the year-long “Art of (anti) Corruption” campaign seeks to raise awareness, educate and shine a creative light on the complicated effects of corruption on Armenian society and beyond.

Robert Bosch Stiftung and Impact Hub have joined forces to explore issues of employment across Europe with a view to improving civil society across the continent. Five Impact Hubs (Birmingham, Florence, Moscow, Yerevan and Zagreb) will work on an employment-related topic highly relevant to their region and their citizens.

UNDP and Impact Hub are joining forces once again to launch the 2017 edition of the #Accelerate2030 platform, aimed at supporting and promoting the most promising impact-driven ventures across the globe who focus on tackling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Green Armenia / Impact Hub Yerevan fellowship program aims to support and sponsor ideas, products, films, documentaries, presentations, or enterprises created to spread the ideas of environmental preservation among the population of Armenia.

Impact Hub Yerevan in partnership with the European Union in Armenia has published a report analysis of Social Enterprises and their Ecosystem in Armenia. Click the image above to read the report and learn more about the project.

Calling impact-driven entrepreneurs & innovators to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals!

Have you noticed issues in your village, in your community, or in your country that you wished someone could solve for you? Great! You can do more than take notice. With our 30-Day-Challenge program we will show you how you can turn those issues into opportunities to improve yourself and your community by taking positive and proactive steps. This new workshop is created to provide all participants with the insights and tools to transform ideas into viable social projects or social businesses.


Social Entrepreneurship – Empowering Individuals to Take Action

At our latest event, Natalie Magee, a social entrepreneur based in Berlin, shared insights and developments within the sphere of social entrepreneurship in Germany with special focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Click here to see more photos. …

Meditation Made Easy

Meditation was made accessible to all last evening with an introductory workshop at Impact Hub Yerevan. We made this workshop possible via cooperation with TeachSurfing. Click here to see more photos.  …

Let’s Dance Armenian – Folk Dance Evening

Our last Friday evening was filled with the cheer and beauty of Armenian folk dances. Grateful to everyone who helped make it happen and everyone who joined. Click here to see more photos.…

Ask Me Anything w/Andre Berg Q&A For Fundraisers Who Give a Damn

A disruptive, insightful and passionate voice in an industry that sucks … Andre Berg, US-based communications expert and fundraising consultant, shared some of his #fundraising wisdom at Impact Hub Yerevan. Click here to see more photos. …

Growing Tech B2B Business Through Customer Success

How to cultivate a customer centric culture? Shorten the path to customer value? Ensure sustained customer loyalty? That and more was shared @Impact Hub Yerevan by Laurie Jacobson Jones, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Vineti. This was an…

The Story of Wine Republic: Conversation with Arsen Hovhannisyan

This week we had the opportunity to learn more about one of the pillars of Armenia’s growing restaurant scene. Arsen Hovhannisyan, co-founder of Wine Republic Yerevan & Asador restaurants shared insights on running a successful operation, development perspectives, and also…

What’s Worth Your Time? A Conversation with Roger Strauch

Your time is limited. So what’s worth your time? We had a valuable conversation with entrepreneur and philanthropist Roger Strauch, Chairman of the Roda Group, about wise investments of time and about the right things to focus on for organisations…

Social Media Marketing Forum

We made the Social Media Marketing (SMM) Forum happen – an event where the best SMM specialists and companies in Armenia had the chance to meet in a single open space and discuss the latest SMM trends, exchange knowledge and…

Models in CSR and Social Entrepreneurship

What is the difference between social enterprise and corporate social responsibility models? What models are there for SEs, and which one best fits your mission? These were just a few of the questions covered during the talk given by our…

Supply Chain Management: Something You Definitely Need

A most interesting and informative presentation about Supply Chain Management by an expert in the field Jerald Zargarian. Supply Chain Management is a relatively new concept, which has a lot of room for development in the corporate sector all over…

A Story of a Successful Startup in Gyumri

We had the pleasure of hosting Todd Fabacher, CEO of Digital Pomegranate, sharing his experience and stories of founding a startup in Gyumri (in spite of a lot of people advising against it) and developing it into a successful company.…

From WineMaking to Impact Hub Yerevan

What a better way to celebrate our 2nd anniversary than having our co-founder Vahe Keushguerian share stories and insights about his work in Armenia! From wine-making experience all across the world to eventually focusing it in Armenia and single-handedly transforming…