Why Yerevan? Why now?

Yerevan is a city of 1 million in a country of 3 million in a world of 10 million Armenians. The narrative of our nation is itching to shift from “it cannot be done” to yes, it can be done. Now, 24 years after independence, a new generation who never knew the Soviet Union, is dusting off the cobwebs of their parents’ generation and taking responsibility for their own fate. They are bold, globally connected, and locally invested - they refuse to accept the “that’s just the way it is here” excuse.
Are you one of them too? Then we are building a home for you.
The time is right to bring together Armenia’s change makers and connect them to the global conversation. We see this as Impact Hub Yerevan’s main responsibility - pull existing innovators together (both within Armenia and the Diaspora), activate their potential, and provide an inspiring space, a supportive ecosystem and educational programs that propels their ideas toward impact. An Impact Hub in Yerevan would serve not only the best and brightest innovators inside the country but would act as a bridge with change makers within the Armenian Diaspora and across the global Impact Hub network. In short, Impact Hub Yerevan is an inspirational home offering a plethora of resources for both our budding innovators inside Armenia and those who would like to invest in and support them outside Armenia.
Here’s to the change makers and the game changers, to the edge walkers and the pioneers, to the social innovators and the tipping point entrepreneurs. Here’s to those who are impatient but visionary, unreasonable but heart-driven. Here’s to you and your work toward a better Armenia and a better world.

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